Review – Vigor & Sage Freeze Dried Mixed Fish

We got to test Vigor & Sage kibble again! This time the Freeze Dried Mixed Fish variant, which will be launched at Interzoo on May 7. We received two bags for the girls to taste, and today my review of this new flavor!
Vigor & Sage Freeze Dried Mixed Fish will be available after launch via the Vigor & Sage’s website, and through their retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to test and review. My opinion is my own, I will not be influenced and will always give my honest opinion about a product. This way I can guarantee the integrity of this blog πŸ™‚

Review - Vigor & Sage Freeze Dried Mixed Fish

About Vigor & Sage Freeze Dried Mixed Fish

The bag contains 90% extruded kibble with fresh salmon and 10% freeze-dried chunks made of salmon trout. When I look at the ingredients I see that the main ingredient is fresh salmon, and that makes me happy! So no heaps of cheap filling, but beautiful ingredients. In addition to salmon and trout, it also contains seaweed, with amino acids that are good for the skin. Also coix seed, which I had honestly never heard of and so had to dive into. The packaging states that it supports the immune system, and I can indeed find that on the internet. I also read there that it also helps regulate digestion. Always nice!

The freeze-dried chunks are a bit lighter in weight than the extruded kibble, so the latter sink down a bit in the bag and the chunks lie on top in a new bag. This is easy to solve by shaking it or turning the bag over, of course, but you can also (as I once did in the girls’ Mandala) offer the two separately in an enriched meal, of course!

My verdict

Both the kibble and the pieces were very popular here! The ladies have had a number of meals with this kibble, and we have also played some puzzle games and trained with it. In all situations the ladies are very interested in the food, and everything gets eaten quickly. I know, Labradors always eat well, but: Freyja doesn’t always like fish! And she also enjoyed it a lot.

The ladies’ stools were fine on this kibble, no gas and nice solid turds. I calculated the percentage of carbohydrates at 34%, which I think is a nice percentage! I am very pleased with this kibble and can definitely recommend it based on our findings!

You can find my previous review of Vigor & Sage kibble here on the blog.

Mooi product!

Wat mij betreft voor herhaling vatbaar

Our Score


  • Nice ingredients
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Excellent quality
  • Dogs love to eat it
  • The main ingredient is fresh fish
  • Functional additions


  • Shake the bag well before use if you do not want to scoop up all the freeze-dried pieces first
Review - Vigor & Sage Freeze Dried Mixed Fish

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