DIY – Making a First Aid kit for your Dog

Today a blog about a (at least I think) very important topic: making a first aid kit for your dog. If, like us, you are out and about a lot with your dog, then you know, just like me, that accidents sometimes happen. It is nice to have a first aid kit in the car with things you might need on the road. It can be nice, as the name says, to be able to provide first aid while you are on your way to the vet, and we can of course clean and treat superficial small wounds ourselves.

Remember: if in doubt, always call the vet.

Making a First Aid kit for your Dog, some tips

We always have the following items in our first aid kit:

DIY - Making a First Aid kit for your Dog
  • Betadine, just from the drugstore
  • Wound compress/gauze, also available at the drugstore
  • Self-adhesive bandage, also available at the drugstore, but also for sale at the vet (often with a cute animal print)
  • Honey ointment (for instance Vetramil), you can often buy this at the vet
  • Tick ​​remover, you should never try to remove ticks with your hands, always use a tick remover. Don’t squeeze!
  • Scissors, to be able to cut off bandage, for example, or to cut away a bit of fur
  • Tweezers, for example to remove thorns
  • Alcohol wipes, to clean your hands
  • Plaster tape, to possibly secure the bandage a little better, available at drugstores and pharmacies
  • Clean cloths, just a clean cotton tea towel is fine
  • Thermometer, you won’t need it often, but it’s better to have one around, just in case
  • Extra slip leash to quickly leash your dog (note: preferably use one with a double stop, so that the line does not strangle)

When in doubt, call the vet!

You can handle many things with this, but as said before, always contact your vet if in doubt. Also in case of deep wounds, inflammations and bite wounds, always contact the vet.

Do you already have a first aid kit for your dog in the car? What items do you have in it? And, do you ever need the kit? Share your experiences with us, everyone can only learn from that, and that’s always good, right? And if you don’t already have such a set: will you be making a First Aid kit for your dog?

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