DIY – Fleece Tug toy

This time I made a fleece tug toy. My girls play with it together, and I also play with each dog individually. Surprisingly, it can take a lot!

What do you need for this Fleece tug toy?

  • Fleece
  • Pair of scissors

What to do

I cut four strips of fleece from the fabric width of the fleece (160cm). One white, one pink, one light pink and one dark pink. I cut them about 5cm wide. Then I tied a knot in those four strips. Do you remember those funny scoubidou key rings that were very popular again a few years ago? I made this tug toy with the same knotting technique.

DIY - Fleece Tug toy

I tried to photograph it as best I could, with one hand, haha! First you take the knot in your hand and place each strip in a different direction, as shown in the photo top left. Then place the pink strip over the white one and hold a finger in the loop so that you can pull the fleece through it later, as shown in the photo top center. After this you take the white strip and pull it over the pink and light pink, as in the photo top right.

Then take the light pink strip and place it over the white and dark pink, as shown in the photo bottom left. Now take the dark pink strip and insert it from above into the loop near the pink strip. This is shown in the photo at the bottom center. Finally, you put the whole thing on, making it look like the photo bottom right. That’s your first knot!

After this, repeat this again from the beginning, until you have almost run out of strips. Keep in mind that you should have enough left over to tie a large knot in the strips at the bottom to finish it off.

Your tug is ready! Are you also going to make a fleece tug toy?

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